Looking through the DJI Goggles is just like looking at something about 9 inches away from your eyes. Most of us over 40 can't focus at 9 inches anymore which is why we need a little help from corrective lenses to see a sharp image in the goggles.  The trick is picking the proper lens strength (diopter value) for our vision.  



The goal is to be able to focus 9 inches from your eyes.  There are a few different methods for picking a lens, none of them are absolute.​  Use one or more of the methods along with the table below to help narrow in on a selection.  

1) Minimum Focus Method 

Without glasses simply measure the shortest distance from your eyes at which you can see sharp.

2) Current Readers Method

If you have a current pair of reader glasses that allow you to read properly you can use their diopter measurement to estimate a selection.  Generally you will need at least 1 diopter greater than your current reader glasses.

3) Reader Test at 9 inches Method

THIS IS THE MOST RELIABLE AND ACCURATE METHOD.  Simply visit your local grocery or drug store, try on their reader glasses and test your vision at 9 inches -OR- try the readers in the goggles themselves.  The diopter which allows you to see clearly at 9 inches or in the goggles is your optimal selection.  If the readers that work are in-between the diopter selections pick the next higher Focus-Fixer diopter.  Ex: Reader test = +2.5 select +3.0 Focus-Fixers.